Keyword Research Using Google Keyword Research Tool and Market Samurai – Part Three

Part One of this series looking at Keyword Research concentrated on explaining to the student that keywords were not difficult to understand once the student realised that they were simply the words search engine users began their searches with. The student was then encouraged to take a look at the information the Google Keyword Research Tool could produce with particular emphasis on the large number of additional words it produced.

Part Two introduced the “long-tailed keyword” and suggested that whilst the Google Keyword Research Tool could produce these the limitations of the tool had led to other software being developed and that Market Samurai was the front-runner.

In this article the Google Keyword Research Tool, other than for purposes of comparison with Market Samurai, becomes superfluous to our needs. It’s not so much that it’s not suitable or that it is hopeless, but it is a case of it cannot do enough. And why use something that has limitations when an alternative not only does not have those limitations but also makes Keyword Research fun.

Why Market Samurai Has the Edge

Something that no user of Market Samurai can ignore is the array of tools and utilities it encompasses. I am not going to elaborate on them here because this is about keywords and how they are used by the internet marketer, but, I will encourage everyone curious about Market Samurai to find the article on my site and to educate themself on what else it can do.

The Market Samurai technique is somewhat different to the Google Keyword Tool because it won’t do anything unless the user opens a new Project. Once this is done the eight tools within the software are available. All we need for now is the Keyword Research Tool. The user is encouraged to use their chosen keyword as the Project title, which is then easy to identify as all the Projects are listed on opening the software.

The joy of saving to a Project is that you save your sets of keywords, your analysis of them and other data all in a single theme. You therefore get to see your research in a single workspace. It is saved automatically when you finish your exploring and you can begin again where you left off. Think of a Project much like this article. I write it, save it, and when I open it again, all the writing is still there. And by working intelligently you are able to save several Projects that are closely related. In comparison the Google Keyword Tool only allows the keyword list it creates to be saved.

How to Use Market Samurai’s Keyword Tool

The Market Samurai Keyword Research Tool does nothing until you enter a word or words into the keyword text-box. You click Create and a new window opens with a selection of options to filter your Keyword Research.

Firstly, you can choose to add content from both the Google Synonym and Google Search Keyword Tool. The Synonym tool will find you words that are similar to your chosen keyword or keyword phrase, which you may decide is enough for your current Project, but if you want to find words and phrases related to your keyword but not necessarily similar you will need to select the Google Search Tool as well.

The second option available in Market Samurai but not in the Google Keyword Tool is choosing a filter to whittle out keywords that are included in large numbers of web pages. But you do have to insert a number to set the filter. This is how the filter governs the search results.

Let the Filtering Begin

If, in a search engine search for any chosen keyword, the resulting returns shows that there are over two million web pages using that keyword or phrase, alarm bells should start ringing in your head suggesting that maybe the competition may be too strong to keywords search volume API against. Market Samurai allows you to guard against wasting your research time by setting number limits on web page returns for your keywords In the training videos a figure of thirty thousand is suggested as reasonable. This means that any keyword or phrase found in web pages that total more than 30,000 will not show up in your research. They may be great keywords but the competition and cost in using them is beyond your current means.

Now you are almost ready to generate some keywords, but before you do so you do have the option of selecting how many words you would like to include in any keyword-phrase. Market Samurai allows you to choose any number between one and ten. And this is where the term “long-tailed” keyword finds its place. Any keyword which shows up more than two words long must be considered to be a “long-tailed” keyword. And as you will discover, it is these longer phrases that can earn you your internet marketing income.

This article demonstrated the limitations of the Google Keyword Tool and clarified the benefits of investing the time to understand the specialist keyword research tool in the software Market Samurai. It also provided an insight into opening the Market Samurai software, creating a Project and the advantages that this gives over the Google Tool, and the simple filter settings that gave the user essential control over the keyword research search results.

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