Defibrillators – Easy to Carry Life-Saving Kits

In the 19th century, defibrillation was first used with the help of small amounts of electrical discharge. The first defibrillators that were used were awkward machines and most of then were used intravenously. Treatment of cardiac ailments has changed over the years. Nowadays, things have improved. The old technology not been discarded and manual external defibrillators based on that technology are a necessity in hospitals and ambulances. These machines can be used only by people who have medical expertise.

But now such machines have become more accessible to the public. Operating these machines is no longer as complicated as it was earlier. Ordinary people can use them, provided they know or learn about the procedures of using them.

The new user friendly devices are safe desfibrilador automatico convenient and since they are automated, the machine can detect the cardiac condition of the patient and administer just the electric discharge that is required. Nowadays, portable automated external defibrillators are available.

Advantages of portable AEDs

1. It can be easily accessed by the patient.
2. It can quickly ascertain and deliver the required electrical discharge.
3. The automated features make it easy for the user to understand the methods of how to use the machine.

These devices can be carried from room to room and thus dealing with life threatening situations of cardiac arrhythmia has become easier. As a result, they are often kept in public places such as cinema halls and shopping malls too.

People have become aware of the necessity of such devices in their homes. They have used the portable defibrillator and understood its life saving potential. The prices of portable AEDs have come down to an affordable level, so ordinary people can buy them. Most of the portable AEDs have an electronic voice to prompt users with the instructions. Keeping the needs of the unlettered people in mind, the portable AEDs also display visual images to guide the user.

As with everything, the Portable AEDs come with a list of dos and don’ts. It is necessary to avoid contact during the administration of the defibrillator to prevent false readings and accidental administration of unnecessary electric shocks to the user or the patient.

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