What Insulation Should I Consider for My Commercial Roof?

Insulation is a huge part of creating the perfect roofing solution for your commercial or industrial building. With the right insulation not only will you benefit from improved thermal efficiency and reduced energy consumption, you can also harness the best performing coverage with a roof system that lasts. But what insulation options are available for your particular type of roof, whether you are looking to insulate a new, overclad or single ply roof?

The Single Ply Roof

Generally single-ply roofing systems require insulation that is high performance with an equally high knauf  conductivity. An industrial roofing contractor may utilise products such as kingspan thermaroof tr26 or equivalent products like celotex which uses a mechanically fixed waterproofing system to ensure water resistance and optimum energy efficiency. The Thermaroof TR26 product is fully compatible with most single ply roofing systems as well as providing extra insulation for green roofs. This particular insulation product can also be used on new build roofs or as part of a roof refurbishment.

The Metal Clad Roof

Metal clad roofs and walls require a flexible and lightweight insulation product with a high tear strength and excellent thermal performance. The Earthwool FactoryClad Rolls by Knauf, provide the resilient and lightweight insulation that overclad roofs require. Available in a selection of thermal conductivities, FactoryClad is particularly easy to install and very cost effective for a budget-friendly alternative that doesn’t compromise on quality.

The FactoryClad Rolls are used to insulate both the roofs and walls of profiled metal clad and portable buildings. This versatile product provides acoustic and thermal insulation for an all-round product that is environmentally friendly and Euroclass A1 fire classified.

Insulating a New Roof

If you are looking to insulate a newly installed industrial roofing system, then composite panels provide high quality, fire safe insulation for years to come. Insulated composite panels are available in a variety of finishes and provide high performance options for new roofs. Insulated panels combine strength and rigidity to offer excellent thermal performance as well as the durability that will see your newly installed roofing system stand the test of time.

As well as its high durability and thermal insulating properties, composite panels are extremely cost effective due to their easy installation and reliable thermal performance.

Remember not all insulation products mentioned here may be right for your roof; however your industrial roofing contractor can help you make an informed decision that suits your roof system, requirements and budget.

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